Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Cockpit

When completed Silent Maid's cockpit will be the picture of traditional cat boat style with varnished mahogany staving, long bench seats and wheel steering. Beneath the sole and seats the heart of the boats systems will be packed into every bit of available space. There will be four tanks for fuel , water and waste and batteries. A 40 horsepower deisel under a soundproofed box will push the boat along at a comfortable clip. It will also provide power for battery charging, hydraulics to drive a couple winches on the foredeck, a vacuum system for the head and a refrigerator unit. As much thought has gone into fitting all of this in and keeping it accessible for maintenance as went into making the cabin a comfortable living space. Plywood mock ups of the tanks were made, and cardboard ones for the engine and steering gear.  Considerable consultation with technical experts has accomanied this and now the carpentry work gets underway in earnest.
      When the boat was turned over the process of fitting the cockpit beams began immediately. This was so a temporary work platform could be put down right away. It has been taken up to complete the framing once the technical decisions were finalized.
      Next the structural work around the edges will be completed . The center of the cockpit will see a series of temporary covers as the systems are fitted then the final version will be scarphed in place. It will be dynel over plywood with strategically placed access plates to get at the systems below

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