Friday, December 30, 2011

The Original Silent Maid

 A comparison of the 1925 picture and those taken at the shop about one year ago illustrate how Silent Maid has changed over the years. Note the bold sheer line in the older picture and the dented keel in the picture of the boat hanging in straps. That dent is not a result of the straps; it is years of gravity made permanent by decades of repairs.

    The original Silent Maid is a perfect museum piece with all of her history intact for anyone to see. To rebuild her would be to destroy her. It is not likely a single piece of her would remain because she is fastened with iron nails. Once they rust into the wood the only cure is to replace everything. This is what prompted the decision to build a new boat. We will attend to her cosmetics and provide her with a cradle to support her through the years. Out on the Barnegat a new Silent Maid will shoulder her way through the chop, keeping both of their histories alive.

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